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  • October 14, 2023 11:34 AM | Christopher Benson (Administrator)

    Right now, get 30% off Trailforks Pro and support TOMMBA trails at the same time. Get the deal here:

    With Trailforks Pro, you get unlimited offline access to 550,000+ trails, global heatmaps, Garmin basemaps, and every feature in the app, anywhere you go.

    When you purchase Trailforks Pro through the link above, $5 of your purchase go directly to us in the form of Trail Karma, at no additional cost to you. You get the Trail Karma badge along with your Pro subscription. Thanks for supporting our trails, and see you out there!

  • September 29, 2022 3:58 PM | Christopher Benson (Administrator)

    Mostly quoted from our friends at the WMMBA:


    Senate Bill 1191

    How is the Right to Ride legislation (R2R) a danger to mountain bikers across the state? Well, the current R2R legislation already gives equestrians special legislative access above other trail user groups via a special state Equine Trails Subcommittee (ETS). The senate bill would elevate this legislative access. The R2R legislation places the burden of proof on the DNR to deny equestrian access to existing trails on DNR lands. In other words, the legislation makes it difficult for the DNR to deny equestrian access to any existing non-motorized trail. The redraft of this legislation amends R2R with language banning bicycles from multi-use trails which are open to equestrians, by law.

    In other words, it creates a scenario and mechanism where equestrians can claim an historical right to ride on a trail, force the DNR to give them access and then force the DNR to close the trail to cyclists. Multi-use trails are common in some parts of Michigan, especially in our State Forests, but they could be banned for bicycle use via this legislation in an “end-around” from DNR oversight. Access to trails at many DNR Park and Recreation Areas, as well as Michigan’s great linear trails and greenways could also be effectively closed to cyclist use if this proposed legislation is enacted. Since the legislation shifts the power of deciding what constitutes an “equestrian” trail more away from the DNR and to the ETS (equestrians), whatever non-motorized trails the equestrians see fit to ride on would now be closed to cyclists.

    Actual Bill:


    Contact your local State Legislator and State Senator and tell them that the Right to Ride legislation passed in 2010 has always been bad, and Senate Bill 1191 to it is about to make it worse. 

    R2R/Senate Bill 1191, 

    1.) grants too much influence for the equestrians at the expense of other user groups, 

    2.) weakens DNR stewardship of trails and 

    3.) presents a danger to cyclist access to ALL non motorized trails across the state of Michigan.

    Find your Michigan State Representative:

    Find your Michigan State Senator:

    Please include name, address, and phone number. We recommend having each member of your family send a letter or sign as an entire family (even the kids sign the page).

    Below is a nice template (or script) that you can use. Feel free to edit to your own feelings:


    I am writing to ask you to oppose proposed amendments to the Equestrian Right to Ride Act of 2010. The amendment is being developed by Senator Jim Runstad, and despite assurances to the contrary, creates potential legal issues for mountain bikers wishing to continue to use trails we have used for the last twenty years.

    I am a supporter of the Top of Michigan Mountain Bike Association, a non-profit organization based in Boyne City, MI that advocates for trail stewardship, common land access, and natural resource protection across Northern Lower Michigan. Members of our group represent all levels of riders, from complete novices to world champions and we share a passion for riding natural surface trails.

    The R2R amendment as currently described grants far too much influence to one special interest group (equestrians) at the expense of all other trail users. The creation of the Equine Trails Subcommittee grants undue influence to that single user group, while also stripping the MDNR of its authority to decide how to manage trails. 

    Challenges to the expanding mountain biking community, and especially supporters of TOMMBA, include the loss of access to trails on public lands that we have used for decades alongside multiple user groups. Furthermore, in cases where equine trails exist alongside other trails the law creates uncertainty and puts burdensome requirements on the MDNR if they wish to restrict equine access. The amendment proposes no such burdens for banning other user groups, again granting equine users favored access to public lands.

    Please oppose the amendment to the R2R Act, and preserve the MDNR’s authority to manage our public lands without new restrictions that favor single user groups.

    Thank you,




  • August 04, 2022 5:00 PM | Christopher Benson (Administrator)

    2022 TOMMBA Survey

    We want to catch you up with the results of our survey sent out this summer. This infographic is aimed at providing a snapshot of our member and non-member trail user’s thoughts on new trails, their skill level and outlook towards TOMMBA. Open-ended responses had themes around better signage/maps on the trails and more new trail development north of the bay. 

    The TOMMBA board wants to thank all those that took time to share their thoughts and will use this information to make decisions aligned with the trail user’s sentiments. 

    Thank you to all our loyal members and sponsors and we encourage non-members to sign up and help us continue our work to build the mountain biking community and maintain and develop entertaining trails throughout our region. 

    Stay tuned for important and exciting news coming in the next week regarding another new trail to be completed this fall.


  • July 12, 2022 5:40 PM | Christopher Benson (Administrator)

    Click to read the full newsletter: TOMMBA Summer 2022.pdf

  • June 27, 2022 5:04 PM | Christopher Benson (Administrator)

    You may have seen something new in the woods recently, near the Boyne Forest Erickson Rd trailhead. Across the road from the parking lot, pretty close to the trail, on your way to Loop 3 or Conjunction Junction, where the TOMMBA trailer used to resides our new tool & groomer shed!

    Thanks to a grant from the Charlevoix County Community Foundation, each of your memberships & donations, and a LOT of research and work from some of our volunteers, we now have a permanent, secure location for trail building tools as well as our winter grooming equipment.

    A big thanks to Mark, Jay, and Tony for helping with installation.

    Boyne Forest Trail Shed

    Here's the shed being installed

    Boyne Forest Trail Tool Shed

    Back a little ways from the road but in perfect position

    Boyne Forest Trail Tool shed

    Next up, entry/exit ramps and a coat of stain.

  • June 21, 2022 6:07 PM | Christopher Benson (Administrator)


    We have stopped taking survey responses. We would like to thank those who took the time to complete the survey to help guide our future.


    As TOMMBA celebrates its 10th anniversary, we are reaching out to the mountain bike community to hear your thoughts. We will use the results as we set our goals for the future.

    Our vision is to be the regional leader in facilitating community-driven efforts to create and maintain sustainable mountain bike trail systems for users of all ages and skill levels. Your input will help us realize this vision.

    We appreciate your time taking the survey!

    CLOSED-Survey Link-CLOSED

    Please email us at with any questions about this survey or TOMMBA in general.

  • June 09, 2022 10:05 AM | Christopher Benson (Administrator)

    Ride the the Boyne City MTB Trails...or the scenic roads around Lake Charlevoix to support TOMMBA and Raven Hill Discovery Center.

    2022 pedal pig pint flyer

    Sign up Today!

  • June 04, 2022 2:20 PM | Christopher Benson (Administrator)

    Sections of the Sidewinder downhill remain closed. Please help our volunteers by using the reroutes until trail work is complete. More info below:

    Photo credit: NCCS

    (Photo Credit: NCCS)

    A quick update after this morning's (6/4) work session. We were working in two locations this morning. Progress is good on that very top section but we will still need to keep it closed until the rest is finished. We also did some work on a long right handed berm in the pine section about half way down. It shaped up really well and it looks great but we need rain on it before we can open that up. In the meantime, we have a temporary alternate route around it. Please spread the word that we really, really, really (did I mention, really???) need people to stay off that berm and the closed top section too. We are hoping to get the forecasted rain coming up and have some volunteers pack it in but tires on it in the meantime will do some serious damage.

    (Photo Credit: NCCS)

    We are hoping to have regular work sessions over the next few weeks to keep progress going.  This morning we had 6 volunteers and we were able to finish two very big berms.  If we can keep getting a good turnout and some help from mother nature, the trail will be greatly improved.

    Your volunteer trail builders appreciate your support!

  • April 26, 2022 6:51 PM | Christopher Benson (Administrator)

    As you may know, TOMMBA collaborated with North Central Michigan College's Communication Design class to help design our first ever bike jersey. The idea was presented to the class for their final design project. After several weeks, three student designers each presented their visions of a TOMMBA bike jersey. We had to choose one designer to fulfill our quest of making this project a reality.

    Meet our star, NCMC student jersey designer, Natalie Gulyas! In addition to her studies at NCMC, Natalie also owns a small business: Manitou Bags, and is a part-time Pilates instructor.

    We asked Natalie a few questions about herself and the design project:

    TOMMBA: Please tell us a bit about yourself and your interest in graphic design.

    Natalie: I’ve always been involved in creative design. Although my background is in music performance and production, during the onset of social media popularity, before it has become what it is today I owned a small marketing business called SoSocial Media Marketing.

    During that time I worked on back-end development of websites, creating content for websites including copy, product and team photography and social media management. I had no formal graphic design training at that time and was always interested in becoming even more proficient in certain programs.

    In 2016 I moved from Chicago to Northern Michigan to photograph weddings with a company called the Weber Photographers and have lived here ever since.

    The same year I moved to Northern Michigan I formed my now small business, Manitou Design. I design and produce accessories, mostly custom leather bags. I sell them locally and online, you can also catch me at the Renegade Handmade fair in Chicago in May.

    Because I have designed every aspect of marketing material for my own business, with an exception of my logo which was designed in part by a friend, I decided in the fall of 2021 to take some classes at NCMC to further my knowledge of graphic arts and design. Design programs and culture are ever changing and formally learning these modalities has expanded my abilities, but also, working with everyone at NCMC has opened up my mind creatively. It has offered me unique opportunities like working with TOMMBA!

    T: What was the name of the NCMC design class?

    N: The class is Communication Design, taught by the ever fantastic professor Anne Morningstar. The purpose of the class is to examine how art is another form of communication and Anne does an exceptional job pairing creative projects while encouraging ideas of substance. This was the best project that we had all semester.

    T: What were your impressions of TOMMBA and/or inspirations for your design?

    N: We as a class had a helpful conversation with Spencer, who outlined both what TOMMBA was looking for in a jersey and what TOMMBA represents as an organization.

    Some questions that came up during our meeting were, what is your mission at TOMMBA? Who are your members and what does the future of the organization look like?

    This was a learning experience for me, I designed the jerseys with these questions in mind. And I asked friends who are avid Northern Michigan mountain bikers what they would like to wear. I considered color trends and ultimately knew I wanted to design something strong and memorable while being simplistic.

    My most important edit however, was when a friend told me that her seven year old daughter loves mountain biking in Harbor Springs. I wanted to incorporate an image of a woman looking over the avalanche mountain view for her young daughter because she inspired me with her love for mountain biking.

    T: Did you imagine your design would be chosen?

    N: Not even for a moment! I even created a really outlandish second jersey design because I didn’t imagine I would be chosen. My classmates are the most talented illustrators and I saw how vivid and beautiful their work was. I absolutely imagined TOMMBA riders wearing their designs.

    T: Have you mountain biked before or would you be interested in mountain biking now?

    N: Being from Chicago, I’ve been a road biker out of necessity, which I’ve carried with me to Northern Michigan. I have not yet tried mountain biking but I would love to.

    This collaboration with NCMC and Natalie was an amazing, fun experience. Natalie made the process so easy, despite a very busy school/work schedule. We are so excited to be able to celebrate our 10th anniversary by offering these amazing jerseys to you.

    If you would like to support Natalie, check out her website:
    and find her on Instagram: @manitoubags

    And be sure to order your custom, student-designed, TOMMBA bike jersey today to support more collaboration efforts like this and, of course, more great, local mountain bike trails!

    Remember, these jerseys are only available to pre-order for a limited time. We're taking jersey pre-orders only until May 15, 2022. Learn more at: - then


  • April 14, 2022 12:00 PM | Christopher Benson (Administrator)

    Ordering is now Closed


    To commemorate our 10 year anniversary, TOMMBA has a new jersey for 2022! Custom designed by Natalie Guyles, a graphic design student from NCMC, this sweet new jersey will show your love for our trails wherever you ride. Printed by, the jersey comes in both Sport and MTB styles, each in men's and women's sizes. All proceeds go right back into helping TOMMBA build and manage our awesome trail network!  Get your orders in by May 15th and they will be shipped directly to you!


    There are two styles to choose from. Performance Tech T Shirts and a Sport Fit Cycling Jersey. Here are the key features of each jersey style:

    Cycling Jersey (left)

    • FIT: Sport Female / Male

    • Stitching: Durable double overlock

    • 3 Rear Pockets: Positioned for easy access while riding

    • + PLUS 1 Rear zippered security pocket for storing valuables

    • Italian inks ensure detailed, vibrant colorfast graphics that last without affecting the physical properties of the fabric. Will not wash-out, fade, or deteriorate.

    • Tailored Design with 2 different Midwest Weight Performance fabrics:
      Chest & Collar > Tech Fabric: Micro Channel Tight Weave: Wind Shearing, small moisture wicking straws.
      Back, Arms, & Side Panel > Tech Fabric: Mini Cooling Compartments: Large channel aero cooling straws for heat release

    • Hem > Silicone Injected Gel Gripper

    Performance Tech MTB Jersey (right)
    • Relaxed Fit

    • Soft, Lightweight, and breathable for quick moisture management, to keep the air flowing.

    • Italian inks ensure detailed, vibrant colorfast graphics that last without affecting the physical properties of the fabric. Will not wash-out, fade, or deteriorate.

    • Zippered rear reflective security Pocket

    • Antibacterial and wicking treatment (please read fabric care for optimum performance)

    • SPF UV sun protection factor

    • Tailored Design with 2 different Midwest Weight Performance fabrics:
      Chest & Collar > Tech Fabric: Micro Channel Tight Weave: Wind Shearing, small moisture wicking straws.
      Back, Arms, & Side Panel > Tech Fabric: Mini Cooling Compartments: Large channel aero cooling straws for heat release


    These jerseys will only be offered for pre-order and are only available for a limited time. We will not have them in-stock for regular sale after May 15th. We are taking pre-orders for these jerseys now through May 15th. Visit the TOMMBA Store to place your order today! Be sure to see the sizing charts and measurement recommendations. You will receive your order 35-45 days after it was placed or 30-45 days after the order window closes.

    Visit our Merchandise Page: to


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