Porta-Potty Donors

Having Porta-Pottys (Porta-johns, Honey Bucket, Honeypots, Porta-loos, Johnny-on-the-spot, Jons, Spiffy Biffs or Portalets ...whatever you choose to call them)

at our TOMMBA Trailheads is important to us.  The trailheads for the Boyne Forest Trails at either Erickson Road or Old Horton Bay Road, as well as the Tanton Family Preserve are heavily used, and a long way from any public restrooms.  Having the facilities available is important to the health and well-being of those that use these trails. 

These habitats of relief are not free, and cut severely into our planned budget for the year.  Having our loyal patrons decide that sponsoring one of these portable loos is a perfect way for them to support TOMMBA is extremely valuable to our organization.  The cost of supplying these facilities is $165 per month, per unit.  For the three trailheads that's $495 per month.  For the six heavily used months of the year, that comes to $2970 out of our membership dues that could be spent on new or improved trails.

If you would like to sponsor a porta-potty for a month, click our Donate tab at the top of the page.  You'll be given an option on that page to pay for one months service at one of the three trailheads.  We will post your sponsorship at the trailhead and on this website page.

2023 Sponsors

Erickson Rd Trailhead       Old Horton Bay Trailhead       Tanton Preserve Trailhead

April - Steve Hardesty     

AprilMike Calabrese            

April - Norm's Roofing
May - Steve HardestyMay - Maureen DoullMayNorm's Roofing
June - Steve HardestyJune - Mike EberhartJune - Norm's Roofing
July - Steve HardestyJuly - Patti Sherman's Wednesday Night RidersJuly - Tim Wilcox

Aug - Steve Hardesty

Aug - Mark EcksteinAug - Riverside Tire
Sept - Steve HardestySept - Drew BarlettSept - Steve/Jean Van Dam
Oct - Steve HardestyOct - Jeremy ClarkOct - Bill Moore


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