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TOMMBA is your local non-profit mountain biking organization that is dedicated to creating, enhancing and preserving great trail experiences for you in Northern Michigan.  100% of your dues go to maintaining and building top quality trails for riders of all levels.

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TOMMBA Announces That Partonicity Fund Drive 

Achieved the $50,000 Goal.  We will now receive a matching $50,000 from MEDC.  TOMMBA now has more that $100,000 that will go towards the total cost to Expand Trails at Boyne School Forest.  The total cost of the project is $135,000.  Help us reach this final goal by Donating Today! 

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NEW Tanton Trails Are Open! 

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NEW Boyne School Forest Trails 

Our TOMMBA volunteers have completed four new trails at Boyne School Forest.  Three new trails, Hog Wild West, Hog Wild East and Thing 1 connect Loop 1 with Loop 2.  Conjunction Junction has expanded the trail system onto the adjacent Dept. of Natural Resources property on the east side of Erickson Road.  The trail connects to Loop 3.

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New Trails Added to Avalanche Trail System

TOMMBA has completed the construction of the final trail in the Avalanche Multi-Use Trail System, and it is open to all riders.  The trail is called Stroll the Steep and is an Advance Level trail designed to be ridden in one direction, down.  The trail is the most difficult within the trail system, and should be ridden with caution.  This trail IS NOT for beginners.  Access to the trail is gained by riding one of the "legacy trails" that has been named Bo-Riginal.  See the map below.

click image to see Trailforks map

Browns Creek Trail 

     TOMMBA is nearing completion of the Browns Creek trail system, and it is              open to all riders.  Our volunteers are dressing-up parts of the trail and adding a few new links.  The following map shows the trail as it currently exist.

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TOMMBA is a non-profit association whose mission is to create, enhance, and preserve exceptional mountain bike trails and riding experiences.

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