Deer Season = Riding Break

10 Nov 2021 11:55 AM | Christopher Benson (Administrator)

Fall mountain biking in northern Michigan has its challenges. Leaf-covered trails, dwindling daylight, lake-effect rain/snow, daily temperature swings, just to name a few. So when the conditions align, you want to take advantage as much as for the last two weeks of November.

If you’re new to Michigan or maybe just unfamiliar with another very popular sport: Firearm Deer Hunting Season runs from November 15-30th each year and draws hunters from around the state and those surrounding. Hunting is allowed on most MI state-owned lands, many conservancy properties, as well as some private lands. Most deer hunters only get these two-weeks each year to hunt.

For these reasons we suggest being safe as well as respectful and asking that you take a break from riding in the woods during this season. If you feel you absolutely need to go for a ride, you can ride the Avalanche trails in Boyne City. The park is completely within city limits and hunting there is not permitted.

If you do choose to ride during firearm hunting season (outside of Avalanche):

  • Please wear at least one large article of hunter’s orange clothing
  • Please make every effort to schedule your ride(s) between 10am and 2pm
  • Night rides should begin at least 30 minutes after official sunset
  • As a courtesy, please ride quietly and remember that normal conversation while pedaling sounds like shouting to a hunter enjoying his/her time in the woods.

Thank you and have a safe November!


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