Spring Thaw – When Can We Ride?

30 Mar 2021 8:33 AM | William Aten (Administrator)

We have had some amazing, early-spring weather lately and quite a few questions regarding when the trails will be safe to ride. You may be seeing sights like the picture below and think it will be OK tomorrow. The big problem is, you come back tomorrow, some or 'most' of the snow & ice are gone, you head out for a ride, and your mountain bike might as well be a pizza cutter, slicing into the soft, muddy trails. While the leaves and surface dirt may be dry, there's still frost in the ground keeping subsurface moisture from infiltrating. This makes the trail tread very fragile, especially to bike tires.

We (and all your fellow Mt Bikers) ask you to be patient for the next couple of weeks. We know you're anxious to get out on our sweet, single-track trails, we are too. But patience is key here. Our volunteers are out there checking conditions and we'll work REALLY hard to get the word out ASAP when you're good to go. In the meantime, take a hike out on your favorite loop and clean up any sticks or small branches that fell over the winter. Your (or someone's) derailleur will thank you. If you come across anything large and in need of removal, shoot us an email with your best location/description and one of our dedicated volunteers will get to it.

Thanks for your understanding...and patience.

Besides, we're still in Northern Michigan...snow is in the forecast later this week.


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