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Strategic Plan 2018 - 2021

Plan for the Future


In March of 2018, the Top of Michigan Mountain Bike Association (TOMMBA) Board of Directors and select stakeholders (bike shop owners) participated in a planning retreat to establish TOMMBA’s strategic vision and goals. As a result, the group reached consensus on a vision for the future of TOMMBA and set goals to guide the organization in achieving its vision. Following the planning session, a Planning Team was formed and convened over a series of several meetings to finalize goals and objectives captured in the format of an Accountability Chart. The Planning Team then worked with the Board as a whole in determining the leadership required to implement strategic initiatives. Leads were provided recommended strategies and actions to consider in developing individual action plans that will guide the work of the organization over the next three years. Leads and the full Board of Directors will share the responsibility of implementing and monitoring the progress of achieving objectives outlined in the Accountability Chart.

The purpose of strategic planning and other complementary organizational processes is to position organizations to effectively respond to community needs and fulfill fiduciary responsibilities. The planning process assists organizations in aligning efforts with their Mission, Values and Vision. These elements, along with the goals and objectives outlined in the Accountability Chart, will serve as the north star to help guide TOMMBA over the next three years in strengthening the organization to effectively and efficiently fulfill its mission and achieve its vision for the future.


▪ Bo Mayfield, Chris Benson, Mike Cortright, Sarah Gurney, Steve Schnell, Steve VanDam


There are several criteria related to successfully developing and implementing a plan for the future of an organization.

▪  The process must be inclusive where all stakeholders have an opportunity to provide input

▪  There must be clarity in the respective roles among board members and volunteers

▪  There must be alignment between the strategic planning process and current initiatives

▪  Timelines, responsibilities and outcomes must be built into the plan

▪  There must be ongoing communication about the plan among the Board and to stakeholders and community members

  • The Accountability Chart and individual Action Plans are living documents and meant to be adaptive, non-static, and subject to amendments as change or needs dictate. They will guide the work of TOMMBA over the next three years and set direction for future initiatives. Regular monitoring of progress with achieving set objectives is critical to TOMMBA’s continued momentum and success.


Mission – The reason TOMMBA exists

To create, enhance and preserve exceptional mountain bike trails and riding experiences

Core Values The guiding principles that define TOMMBA’s culture (what the organization stands for and believes are foundational to its success)

▪  Collaboration: Reaching beyond our organization to establish beneficial relationships with individuals and partner organizations whose interests and work align with our mission

▪  Commitment: Committed to TOMMBA’s mission and success in building and maintaining high quality bike trails and providing fun opportunities for families, stakeholders and the community

▪  Community: Creating an environment where mountain bikers of all skill levels benefit from a strong sense of camaraderie and a connection to the communities we serve

▪  Fun: Fun is at the center of everything we do as we ride and work together on our trails

▪  Advocacy: Promoting the life-long value of mountain biking and its contribution to our communities and economies

▪  Accountability & Integrity: Demonstrating strong board leadership and sound financial management, respecting and valuing our relationships with donors, volunteers and land managers and conducting all manner of business honestly, ethically and transparently

▪  Stewardship: Acting as good stewards of the environment as builders and riders

▪  Empowerment: Inspiring others to contribute to building and maintaining high quality trails and

riding experiences throughout the regionPillars of TOMMBA – Community - Integrity - Fun

Internal Vision – Sets direction and guides the work of TOMMBA

To be the regional leaders in facilitating community driven efforts to create and maintain sustainable mountain bike trail systems for users of all ages and skill levels

External Vision – Long-term change resulting from the work of TOMMBA

Excellent mountain bike trails and riding opportunities throughout our region that build a sense of community, improve quality of life and strengthen local economies for generations to come


      Focus Areas

▪ Organizational Sustainability
▪ Community Engagement
▪ Trail Building and Maintenance

     Goal #1: Build a sustainable organization

  • -  Establish effective board governance and leadership

  • -  Meet or exceed annual financial goals

    Goal #2: Build strong community support and involvement

  • -  Grow membership

  • -  Raise awareness of TOMMBA’s mission and work

  • -  Grow volunteer group in number and diversified skillsets

  • -  Define and seek mutually beneficial partnerships

    Goal #3: Enhance mountain bike riding opportunities throughout the region

  • -  Facilitate the construction of new mountain bike trails across our region

        Successfully build and maintain mountain bike trails

Note: See Accountability Chart for leadership


The following have been identified as strengths and opportunities that may support as well as weaknesses and challenges that may impede TOMMBA’s success in accomplishing set goals alignedwith its vision for the future.



  • -  High quality mountain bike trails

  • -  Enthusiastic bike riders who understand the

    meaning of quality trails

  • -  Knowledgeable trail builders who understand

    how to build sustainable trails

  • -  Energetic workers/trail builders

  • -  Dedicated/devoted/committedworkers/trail


  • -  Support from local governments

  • -  Supportive donor base

  • -  Desire to do an even better job

  • -  Trail design and creation

  • -  Volunteerrecruitment

  • -  Trail project development

  • -  Land manager relationship building

  • -  Cohesive board willing to grow TOMMBA to a higher level         

  • -  A vision that has led to success

  • -  Funding and manpower

  • -  Donor base

  • -  Financial base

  • -  Strategic plan with accountabilities and timelines

    that will direct the organization as it moves


  • -  Trail building priorities

  • -  Membership

  • -  Collaborationwithothertrail


  • -  Community involvement and investment

  • -  Volunteerdevelopment

  • -  Ability to identify future projects

  • -  Accountabilities for board members

  • -  Board development

  • -  Stake holder involvement

  • -  Inclusiveness(non-cyclists)

  • -  Follow thru on fundraising opportunities

  • -  Stewardship and cultivation of donors

  • -  Timely communication to members and


  • -  Attracting new members & membership

  • -  Retaining supporters & sponsors


The following have been identified as strengths and opportunities that may support as well as weaknesses and challenges that may impede TOMMBA’s success in accomplishing set goals alignedwith its vision for the future.

WEAKNESSES (continued)

  • -  Showing benefits outside of Boyne City

  • -  Expanding beyond or outside BC and EJ

  • -  Volunteer board & members can't devote much

    time due to work/family

  • -  Difficulty turning the MTB community into paying


  • -  Management of activities of the board at times

  • -  Inclusion other mountain bike options (E-Mountain


  • -  Visibility



  • -  Build infrastructure (Executive Director, Marketing and Events Manager) to handle day- to-day functions of    administration, fundraising, community outreach, organizational development

  • -  Establish achievable goals that collaborate with local businesses and organizations

  • -  Expand to more trail creation

  • -  Increase community engagement and


  • -  Board development (strong, effective, inclusive


  • -  Engage other towns outside of BC and EJ

  • -  Further partnership with Little Traverse


  • -  Maintaining and building membership

  • -  Financial stability/long-term sustainability/financial

    system that can maintain current projects

  • -  Marketing TOMMBA services

  • -  Board burnout

  • -  Identifying and recruiting like-minded new board


  • -  Project development/Maintaining current trails and

    creating more

  • -  Fundraising/Funding new trail development

  • -  Maintaining and increasing volunteer base

  • -  Connecting with communities outside of BC and EJ

  • -  Finding areas suitable and open to new trail


  • -  Remainingfocusedoncoregoals

  • -  Turning obstacles into opportunities

  • -  Reaching consensus

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